To remain competitive in the global economy, you need to concentrate on what made you successful in the first place — your core business. When outdated or inadequate software impedes your operations, Synergy can help.

Synergy has been designing, developing, implementing, integrating, and customizing software and web-based systems for our clients for over fifteen years. Our technical expertise spans a vast range of leading-edge and industry-standard technologies. We excel at projects that integrate new technologies with existing or legacy systems and are happy to work with your staff to increase the value of your prior investments through strategic reuse, re-design, and optimization.

Requirements Definition — Missing and incomplete requirements contributed to an estimated 71% of software project failures, according to a 2006 Baseline Magazine study. Successful software development depends upon well defined requirements. Our skills in eliciting, clarifying, and documenting requirements are fundamental to Synergy's years of successful software creation for our clients.

Technical Systems Analysis — Our technical consultants can comb through your existing systems and identify outdated, redundant, or inefficient components that impede productivity, as well as identify elements for reuse and incorporation into a new system.

Web & Software Design — Synergy's consultants have years of experience creating clear and thorough designs for custom software development. Our designs, as with all of our services, are the products of intensive collaboration with our clients. This collaboration ensures that the entire team is speaking your business language, and that the resulting design incorporates your requirements and expectations "translated" into a blueprint for execution by your development team, or by ours.

Custom Development — We have built and enhanced custom systems that range from new client intake for a small nonprofit to eCommerce brokerage systems for a leading insurance provider. When your need is more specialized than an off-the-shelf system can provide, Synergy can build the custom web-based or desktop system that gets the job done and lets you get back to focusing on your business.