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We are proud of our engagements. The following examples represent the range of our expertise and commitment to our clients' success. Contact Synergy to learn more about any of these or other projects we have completed, and to put our 16 years to work for you.

Technology Evaluation

A leading financial institution sought to optimize its processes for marketing campaign execution. Synergy defined the team’s requirements for automation, identified challenges, and narrowed the focus to Marketing Resource Management (MRM). We documented needed features and functionality, developed a comprehensive RFP, and identified and reviewed prospective vendors. We produced use cases and guidelines to manage vendor demos, established evaluation criteria and review materials, and led the evaluation committee through the selection process. The Senior VP summarized the process as one of the most thorough vendor evaluations she’d seen.

One of Synergy’s smaller, nonprofit customers wanted to issue an RFP for an off-the-shelf system to replace an obsolete set of applications. They had no idea how to begin — how to describe their needs, what should be included in an RFP and who to send it to, let alone how to evaluate responses. They brought in Synergy to lead the process. We produced the RFP, conducted a market survey to locate potential vendors and review their offerings, and created a short list to receive the RFP. We developed use cases based on the client’s operations, and built a simple decision matrix to help the review team evaluate RFP proposals and demos. We coached the review team through the decision process, and then managed the vendor as they configured the chosen system to meet the client’s requirements.

Process Improvement

A national bank’s VP sought to improve the workflow in her restructured online marketing department. She wanted to make changes quickly, proving the value of the reorganization. To adhere to the project timeline, Synergy assigned two co-analysts to separately conduct interviews and analyze processes, and to jointly create a streamlined, flexible, and efficient structure to replace the underperforming processes used by formerly separate work-teams.

Synergy evaluated a leading nonprofit’s technical and structural resources in support of their Board’s objective to expand services nationwide. Our technical analyst reviewed the organization’s technology plan, existing systems, staff skill set, budgetary limitations, and system needs. A business analyst simultaneously interviewed key personnel, analyzed workflow process and business goals. From this information, the 2-person team collaboratively developed a five-year strategic roadmap for achieving the organization’s goals while remaining within stringent budgetary constraints.

For a revenue-generating division of a government agency, Synergy conducted an assessment of both operating procedures and technology usage, established standards and requirements for technology needed to support the department’s increasing workload, and produced an audit recommendation of improvements to be made to their processes and systems.

Web & Software Development

Several of our customers have been referred to us by vendors who know we have extensive experience and love to work with nonprofits. A recent client is a small organization whose significant activities have been managed through great effort and nonrobust tools such as Excel, as is done in many operations, large and small. Synergy is developing a series of small, simple, but much more functional applications that will enable the staff to focus time and efforts on the cause they are advancing, rather than the tools they are using.

The Underwriting and Actuarial divison of the country's largest specialty insurance carrier captures, stores, manipulates, and reports on enormous volumes of data. All data is stored in a mainframe — highly secure, but not easily accessible, manipulable, or necessarily accurate (both corrected and erroneous data are stored). The client had contracted with another firm to build their first system for pulling information from the mainframe, but neither the contractor nor the client could get the system to work. Synergy was brought in to revise and complete this system, and to extend its functionality. The resulting system provides easy-to-use, accurate reporting of critical mainframe data accessed directly from the user’s desktop. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of this system have greatly improved the department’s ability to respond to corporate requests for information.

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