The most talented staff needs systems and tools to streamline cumbersome processes, eliminate redundant data, and redesign inconsistent procedures that can dramatically reduce efficiency and productivity.

Synergy works with clients to identify areas of inefficiency, streamline and optimize workflow, and increase productivity. In addition to technical skills, we bring an understanding of the business challenges that all organizations struggle with: culture, leadership, rewards and recognition, change management, quality control, and ease of communication.

The results for our clients are bottom-line gains in productivity, savings, increased employee satisfaction, and an improved working environment.

Business Process Analysis — Synergy has worked closely with clients to dissect, diagram, and document existing business processes, workflows, and interdepartmental structures. We provide an objective assessment of where current processes support or impede operational goals, and provide guidance to leverage or improve these processes.

Process Design — Synergy consultants design data flow, workflow, and personnel processes to address areas of inefficiency, waste, and conflict. Improved processes can result in increased productivity, reduced costs, and more effective employees.

Business Process Continuity — Many businesses expose themselves to risk by relying on undocumented operational knowledge that resides solely in the heads of their employees. Synergy can help alleviate risk by documenting key business functions and systems and by cross-training staff, increasing your flexibility and ability to meet planned for and unexpected change.

Change Management — We recognize that cultural and human factors can cause resistance to change, and we bring proven change management tools and techniques to our customers to help overcome barriers, and to turn transition into a force for innovation and success.

Our consultants ensure that transitions are well planned and managed; they also bring the empathy and flexibility that are necessary to maintain your company culture and facilitate acceptance.