Synergy employs a proprietary methodology, Synthology, built on the structure of PMI (the Project Management Institute), our own innovative way of approaching challenges, extensive industry research, and years of hard-won experience. The methodology provides a consistent framework across all projects, while allowing for the flexibility necessary to address the unique characteristics of each engagement.

Our methodology has been developed to:

  • Define and communicate success factors to ensure each project meets the client’s strategic goals
  • Apply services and technologies that are clearly linked to business needs and priorities
  • Provide a consistent and orderly approach to providing services and developing solutions
  • Adapt to an organization's culture and values to increase user acceptance and mitigate resistance to change
  • Monitor and control project resources for cost-effective, on-schedule delivery
  • Produce high-quality systems and processes that can be easily maintained, enhanced, and expanded as your operational considerations change

Our flexible methodology has been used to deliver numerous successful solutions for our clients — on time, in budget, and beating all expectations.