Synergy Business Solutions was founded by technology consultants who believed that consulting required more than just exceptional technical skills. To be successful, we knew we must also bring business acumen, people skills, curiosity, passion for excellence, and an obsession for creating solutions that improve our clients' operations.

Our early and continued success in custom software development attests to the accuracy of these beliefs. Clients through the years have relied on Synergy’s ability to translate their business needs into elegant and user-friendly software systems.

Clients soon began to rely on our business acumen, and our analytic skills and pragmatic approach to workflow and business processes differentiated us from pure technology firms. Process improvement became our second specialization, as organizations turned to us to analyze, re-design, and improve their processes before incorporating new technology. This approach increases productivity, accelerates return on investment, minimizes business disruption, and facilitates acceptance of new technology and new ways to work.

Packaged software offerings have become increasingly sophisticated, complex, and customizable, and the array of options can be bewildering. Organizations need guidance in defining their specific requirements, identifying appropriate technology options, evaluating vendors, selecting solutions, and adapting to the changes caused by new system implementation. Synergy's reputation as impartial advisers who emphasize business goals over cool technology has led new and repeat customers to rely on our advice as they evaluate, select, and implement new technologies.

Synergy’s service offerings have evolved over the years, but the foundation remains the same — helping clients establish a better way to work.